Millusions® has teamed up with the premiere aluminum drum builder Trick Drums. While wood is great for wall coverings, desks and frankly, to burn in a fireplace, the tonal quality of aluminum in the drum making process is superior. These drum shells are the thinnest shell on the market, Mono-Ply 1/8” / 3.175mm with machined double chamfered 45 degree bearing edges. Physics dictates that the thinner the shell, the lower the fundamental note it will produce. All Millusions® Trick drum shells are the same thickness, providing consistent sound.

Tommy Lee is a fan, and who better to give a sense of approval of Millusions® drums, than the man himself. Pictured below: JT (sales director for Trick Drums), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Mike Dorfman (President of Trick Drums), Gosia Kozlowski (Millusions®), Andy Kozlowkski (Millusions®). Other fans include: Simon Phillips – Judas Priest/The Who/Mick Jagger, Ray Luzier – David Lee Roth Band/Korn, Kevin Frank – Silvertide, Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffet – Michael Jackson/Madonna, Jonathan Blackwell – Prince -


This is no ordinary brush aluminum ™, this is Millusions®, The Living Metal ™.


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Millusions Drum Gallery

Check out this wicked kit built by Trick Drums. It features the rotating suns made of Millusions®. Where do they come up with this stuff!?!